Sunday, May 4, 2008

Flashback: The Edge of Night 1980

Episode #6282 - On Monday, June 16, 1980, THE EDGE OF NIGHT introduced its fourth title sequence. Since fictional Monticello had obviously mushroomed from an "average-sized city" to a bustling metropolis, the producers eliminated the trusty Cincinnati skyline, replacing it with an up-to-date shot of Los Angeles. The opening title began with an upwardly moving shot of skyscrapers then dissolved into an extended series of original still-shots of the cast. The final castmember still-shot then segued into the LA skyline, the show's logo moved to the top of the screen from behind the city, and the skyline darkened to night.


  1. The best soap opera ever. It was the only soap I could see everday because in new york it was on at 4pm. I was graduating from high school in june 1980.Nobody had video-recorders yet,they were way too expensive.In the fall of 1980,I went to kingsborough college.I made my mother who was not working at that time,record one life to live and edge of night on a cassetee recorder which i would leave by the tv in the kitchen. She would have to change the tapes every half hour.I finally got a recorder in 1982.I vowed to tape the shows everyday forever. I tape every single show on all the networks. However,I fast forward through all the people I do not like.My salvation has always been the soaps. I have been working for the post office for almost 20 years.I get up at 4;30am.These soaps are the greatest entertainment on earth. Movies today are horrible,nighttime tv is a wasteland of garbage. I have never stopped taping them. I always say I will be buried with a copy of soap opera digest in my coofin. John V. Truisi brooklyn

  2. John,

    You should write soaps.

  3. I tried years ago when abc was looking for new writers,they would not let me in the front door.Everything in life is who you know.I should be involved in the soap industry,my knowledge is incredible. However,no one and I mean no one would help me or give me a chance. I have become become content knowing that my dream will never come true,because the industry is dying and I would probably be more frustrated in the soap world then my post office world. John V. Truisi