Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Evening News

Blogging with Carolyn Hinsey: Nuke Edition
Hinsey writes: So, I'm watching ATWT today and I catch another one of those lame scenes between Luke and Noah where they are talking about Ameera and Noah is saying, "You know I'd rather be with you, Luke, blah blah blah," when all of a sudden THEY START KISSING WITH TONGUE! Since we have been asking the press reps at Procter & Gamble to make sure and flag any moments of real closeness between these two so that we can in turn alert our readers, I naturally think, "Maybe I missed something." So I go flying down the hall to Digest editor Stephanie Sloane's office, and, lo and behold, ATWT editor Jennifer Lenhart is in there raging. "I am steaming mad!" said Jen. "I mean, I'm happy about the fact that Luke and Noah had another kiss, but I just did a whole interview with Executive Producer Chris Goutman, about 10 minutes of which was wasted on a coy back-and-forth about when they're going to kiss again! A little heads-up would have been nice."

Gay couple kisses on ‘As the World Turns’
After 214 days and an e-mail campaign by angry fans that generated international coverage, the gay teen couple on CBS soap opera AS THE WORLD TURNS finally got to share their third on-screen kiss.

Liveblogging ATWT: It's Ameera's party and she'll bore us to tears if she wants to
Live blog of today's episode of AS THE WORLD TURNS featuring the kiss between Luke and Noah.

Noelle Beck hopes ATWT's audience is patient
Effective May 8, Noelle Beck is the new Lily Snyder on AS THE WORLD TURNS. The actress will replace fan icon Martha Byrne, whose last episode aired yesterday. Byrne quit the soap in a volcanic contract dispute, but she's handling the transition like a pro.

"I received an incredible bouquet of flowers from Martha on my first day of work," Beck told TV Guide's Michael Logan. "To have her support makes me feel great. She's one very classy lady." Beck is no stranger to daytime suds — she spent nine years as Trisha on Loving — but the mother of three has lately stuck to recurring roles (the conniving Cilla on Cashmere, Tommy's almost-lover, almost-sister Mariel on Rescue Me).

"We had to take a family vote about the ATWT offer," says Beck, who is married to hotshot New York restaurateur Eric Petterson. "Everybody said, ‘Go back to work!' I thought they were going to say, ‘Please, don't work full-time!' I'm such a crazy soccer mom; I think they want me off the field." As for Byrne's controversial exit, Beck says, "I can't get involved with the politics. Hopefully, the audience will be patient and supportive of the change. If not," she adds with a laugh, "I'm back on the soccer field!"

ATWT: Lily V.4
Soap vet Noelle Beck becomes the fourth actress to tackle the role of ATWT's Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder on May 8, 2008.

AFTRA agrees to postpone talks
Though big gaps remain between SAG and the majors, negotiators have made enough progress toward a feature-primetime deal to keep negotiations going for an extra week until May 2. Wednesday’s announcement - the first substantial positive sign from eight days of talks - came a few minutes after AFTRA disclosed that if had agreed to postpone next week's start of its primetime negotiations unitl May 5, in response to a request by the AMPTP.

VIDEO: Interview with GL's Beth Ehlers
Beth Ehlers talks about working on GUIDING LIGHT and the show's new "realistic" look.

VIDEO: Interview with GL's Murray Bartlett
Murray Bartlett discusses GUIDING LIGHT's new production model and recently joining the cast.

Thorsten Kaye NHL blog update
Kaye looks back on the Red Wings-Predators series where my Nashville Predators were eliminated in six games.

Welcome to the world: Cash Joshua Morrow
THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Joshua Morrow is celebrating after becoming a father for the third time. The actor's wife Tobe gave birth to little Cash Joshua Morrow on Monday (21Apr08) afternoon at a Los Angeles hospital. Morrow, 34, tells, "Mum is amazing and beautiful as ever and Cash is perfect. It was a very drama-free birth." The pair, who have been married for six years, also have sons Cooper, five, and Crew, who turns three in May (08).

EVENT: DAYS Alum Joe Gallison
Former DAYS OF LIVES star Joe Gallison will play on Saturday and Sunday at the 16th annual Coastal Carolina Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Country Club of Landfall's Dye Course.

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