ATWT's Nuke: Hot and Shirtless

Today's AS THE WORLD TURNS episode was more than likely the first Noah and Luke episode taped after the successful media blitz by "Nuke" fans. Despite the the international press coverage and multiple responses from CBS and P&G, fans have been wondering what impact would be seen on the actual show. If today was any indication, the next kiss (and more) may be on the way soon. After some jumping on Noah's new bed, Luke and Noah ripped each other's shirts off and were panting and ready to have sex when an ICE agent started banging on the door. They didn't kiss or have sex but this was the first indication in a long, long time that the tide may be turning. Check out the April 22nd issue of Soap Opera Weekly for a partial Noah and Luke cover and more information on the kissing controversy.


  1. This is just awesome!

    Roger, you have put so much effort into changing the times for Nuke, so congratulations and thank you for role in getting us this fabulous scene.

    What is the best way to thank P&G/CBS? I want to send them love and support to help quiet the torrents of angry letters that, I am sure, will follow their courage today.

    On another note, I am addicted to this blog. Thank you...this is, hands down, the best place on the net for soaps.

  2. Thanks for kind words about the blog. :)

    Here are some addresses of folks to write to:

    Pat Gentile at P&G and Barbara Bloom at CBS are probably the best people.