Friday, December 14, 2007

WeLoveSoaps Interview With S&S Star Matthew Preston

Actor and writer Matthew Preston is a jack of all trades. Preston hosts the monthly vlog "SON Insider" and co-hosts the online radio show "Buzzworthy." Preston has also been the writer of numerous web soap operas, short films, and commericals. For the past three years he has starred as Dirk Endicott (now deceased) and the fiery Dylan Endicott on radio soap "Scripts & Scruples." This summer, Dylan crossed over to "Eye of the Storm," a radio drama produced by J.R. Benight. WeLoveSoaps talked to Preston about his character, the crossover and his busy schedule.

WeLoveSoaps: For someone who hasn't listened to "Scripts & Scruples" or "Eye of the Storm" before, how would you describe the character of Dylan?
Matthew Preston: Dylan can be described in four words: mouth of the south. He's very passionate but can have an attitude problem if he's pushed over the edge...mostly from someone like his father.

WeLoveSoaps: You are the only character from S&S who has ever crossed over to a soap not produced by Loger, Inc. What was it like working on "Eye of the Storm," produced by J.R. Benight?
Preston: It was exciting and different. With S&S the lines have to be called in but on EOTS, the lines were recorded from my computer. S&S has a more daytime feel where as EOTS is definitely primetime. Both were fun and I'm loving how Dylan is getting tons of story plot. I was worried I was going to be forgotten on one of the shows but that didn't happen, if anything, I received an even jucier role.

WeLoveSoaps: What has been your favorite scene to play on S&S so far?
Preston: So many to choose from but recently fighting with Jackson over Hannah has been my favorite. The arguing and tension keeps building to what I'm sure will be a very exciting climax! I myself want to know why Dylan hates his own father so much.

WeLoveSoaps: Do you think Dylan and Jackson will ever mend fences and develop a better relationship?
Preston: I honestly hope not. I hope that this broken relationship goes on forever. Of course it would be nice to see them maybe have a tender moment or so but then go back to hating each other. Happiness seems to be the death for any soap opera character.

WeLoveSoaps: On a personal note, how do you find the time to juggle all the various things you have going on?
Preston: I honestly don't know. With a full time job, auditioning for movies, writing screenplays, recording radio shows...I honestly don't know. I wish I had a twin but one that's not evil.

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