Saturday, November 17, 2007

News Brief

Los Angeles Daily News: Nazanin Boniadi basically won an actor's version of the lottery this summer. She was one of 700 young actresses who auditioned for a role in the limited-run "General Hospital" spinoff "Night Shift" and one of only three to land a role in the 13-week show on the SoapNet cable channel. The Iranian-born actress made the most of the opportunity and found herself with a regular role on the main soap in the fall. When we talked this week, it was clear that she's relishing her role of Leyla Mir who is involved in a love triangle with two established regulars. "I love the fact that she's the first Iranian character on television that plays a regular person," she said. "She's not a terrorist or a beaten wife. She's just a nurse, she's a hard worker and she falls in love just like the rest of them."

Green Valley News: For more than 20 years, Julie Brady was production associate and associate director of two of TV’s all-time great soap operas — “General Hospital” and “Days of Our Lives.” The job titles, husband Jim says, is phraseology used for daytime TV. Speaking on Julie’s behalf he says, “She was a non-credited producer basically.” Recently retired, they have moved to Quail Creek and are enjoying new days of their lives.

Seattle Post Intelligencer: Cue up the '80s David Lee Roth, because "Friday Night Lights'" Julie Taylor is going to want to be "kept after school" once she meets the new teach in town, played by "John from Cincinnati" himself, Austin Nichols. invited Nichols — who, fittingly, hails from Austin, Texas — to preview what's ahead. Plus, he reveals that Cincinnati's mysterious John might still be floating around out there... somewhere.

Daily Post: A total of 11.3 million people tuned in to support Friday night's star-studded BBC "Children in Need" show, which raised almost £20 million, the broadcaster has announced. The "on the night" total of £19,089,771, raised to support disadvantaged children in the UK, beat all previous records. On the show, th "EastEnders" cast united for a rendition of the Beatles' "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

The Ledger: Michael Corbett, author of "Find It, Fix It, Flip It!" Yes, he's a real estate entrepreneur with many years of experience flipping houses. But he's also a onetime soap opera heartthrob (David Kimball on "The Young and the Restless" ), as well as a host of the nationally syndicated television news magazine "Extra's Mansions and Millionaires."

Winnipeg Sun: "All My Children" junkies will have to go back to watching their lovah boy Cameron Mathison on daytime only. Cam, dancing partner Edyta and their hot bodies finally fell out of step with the pack. Either that or they don't have billions of fans, like a certain Osmond I know whose brother cries in the front row on a weekly basis.

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