Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Guiding Light shines on Katrina survivor

After Hurricane Katrina destroyed her Biloxi, Miss., house, Ethel Curry waited a long time for help rebuilding it. That help finally came this winter — from an unlikely source, the cast of crew of Guiding Light.

Ethel Curry lost her house to Hurricane Katrina in August of 2005. She survived the flood waters by climbing into her open refrigerator, which was floating against the ceiling of her home.

Actress Kim Zimmer, who plays Reva, spent the better part of a week with her colleagues in Biloxi — no makeup or wardrobe — nailing up studs at Ethel Curry's house. They also taped a special installment of the show about the work they did. It was Guiding Light episode 15,108.

Now, it would be easy to dismiss Guiding Light's trip to Biloxi as so much marketing smarm. But for Ethel Curry, it means a change in personal fortunes that had grown nearly hopeless. It means a rebuilt house she can move into a few months from now, complete with new furniture.

Guiding light will be back in Biloxi to tape Ethel Curry's triumphant return to her rebuilt house. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of others in Biloxi still struggling to piece their homes back together a year and a half since Katrina hit.

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