Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tourism board to pay $36,000 for soap exposure

From today's Branson Daily News:

The chief marketing entity of the Tri-Lakes Area made a commitment to help bring a filming of the CBS daytime drama to Branson Friday morning.

The Branson/Lakes Area Tourism Community Enhancement District Board of Directors approved paying $36,000 to pay for CBS executives and crews to be flown into Branson and transported while here and working on the production of the five to eight episodes of “As the World Turns” that will be filmed on location in the area this summer. An additional $11,000 could be approved at a later date as a contingency fund if needed.

Officials report the series of episodes to be shot in Branson would feature the show’s character Gwen (played by Jennifer Landon) looking to further her musical career in Branson.

“This thing could mean a lot of dollars and a lot of PR to us,” Branson alderman and TCED board member Dick Gass said of the filming.

Ann Reinke, account executive with Concept Marketing said CBS officials have confirmed that any business opening its doors to the show’s crews and actors will also see some screen time.

“We’ve been told by the executive producer that whoever gives the rooms, whoever gives the food comped will actually be featured in the show,” Reinke said.

The show is set to do filming in Branson June 6-8.

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