Finola Hughes: 'Frank Valentini Has Sealed Up All The Leaks'; Tell Us What You Think About SPOILERS!

In a new two-part interview with Tulsa World, GENERAL HOSPITAL star Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) revealed that executive producer Frank Valentini is determined to stop storyline leaks.

We’re on total lockdown; they’re locked tight right now. Frank Valentini has sealed up all the leaks. He wants this for the audience.

In the ’80s, that’s what made the show so exciting. You didn’t know what was going to happen next. He wants to make it like that again. All of the actors are so excited about what we’re doing. I honestly don’t know what’s coming up – Frank doesn’t tell us too much in advance.

After reading this I scanned several popular soap opera message boards looking for GH spoilers. There were so many and from so many different sources it's hard to believe there is a crackdown. While some are vague and only tease the story, others reveal quite a bit of detail. Can't the show just stop teasing story at all other than a few very vague spoilers per week?

At the height of daytime soap's ratings success there were no spoilers in the many print publications covering the genre. Of course, many people only had a handful of television stations to choose from as well.

What do you think? Has the abundance of spoilers taken away your enjoyment of your favorite daytime soap? Do they actually make you want to watch more? Even if you try to avoid them it's not always easy. In the past we've had critical outcomes of stories revealed on magazine covers before we watched it on TV. It would be nice if we didn't know the resolution of the Friday cliffhanger before it even airs. Weigh in below in our Comments section.

Read the entire interview here..

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  1. I do like some good spoilers sometimes but I don't need to know every detail or it does ruin it.

  2. I hate spoilers and do everything to avoid them. What is the fun of watching if you already know what is going to happen?

  3. I no longer read spoilers or teasers. I have found not knowing what is coming makes watching the shows more of a priority to me. Frank is smart to try and keep viewers guessing.

  4. I think it's a great idea.. I hope whatever they do works. Knowing what's going to happen doesn't give us a reason to come back.

  5. When spoilers first started exploding it wasn't as bad and even if I read something in advance I always felt the actors would knock it out of the park and it would be better than anything I could have imagined. But more and more got revealed over time to the point of that being the main discussion on a lot of soap sites instead of what is happening that day.

    The day ahead airing (and posting on YouTube) of DAYS and Y&R never made any sense to me either especially in the internet age.

  6. As someone who has been watching soaps since the mid-70's, I think spoilers have done major damage to the genre and is actually one of the reasons why we are down to 4 soaps on the air. You tuned in to find out what was going to happen because you didn't know. I will never forget how shocked I was on Edge of Night when sweet unassuming Molly Sherwood turned out to be Eliot Dorn's killer. A spoiler would have ruined that.

  7. If primetime shows can keep a lid on things, not sure why it's so hard for daytime. DAYS is probably the worst because they shoot so far ahead.

    And with Twitter and Twitpics these days, things even get revealed via innocent photos an actor might post.

  8. I think spoilers destroy the excitement, but some storylines, like the baby switch, are telegraphed so strongly that, when it actually happens, it's boring.

  9. Pat, that's a great point. I don't know why GH or any daytime soap does this. I'm sure the first baby switch storyline, however many years ago, was thrilling. But we've done it so much now. Hopefully there will be some NEW twists and turns. Robin Mattson usually makes me enjoy anything more. I love SWITCHED AT BIRTH on ABC Family. It's a warm family soap opera about two 15 year olds who find out they were switched. That was a new twist for me. Switching babies has been done over and over.

  10. I kind of like spoilers- in which I can't watch I kinda know what's going to happen- and I'm not really missing anything. On the other hand- I LOVED being spoiler free the last few months of One Life To Live. I loved not

  11. I loved the days of the late 70's and early 80's (Soaps were Huge) when during "love in the afternoon" promos, you only got one short clip with a voice over, "Will a night at the cabin lead to a night a love?". That will get you to watch! The time you got major plot developments was during daytime delemma. (Scotty seducing Heather was a shocker) SOD didn't give too much info and sow came out in the early 90's and started to give details. Now the stores on putting out issues a week late and I get no previews.

  12. I hate spoilers, though I know some people like them. It's like turning to the last page of a book to see how it ends before you read it. That's never been for me, though I know people who regularly do that. Personal taste. And mine is, I want to be surprised.

    What's interesting is that, except when things get telegraphed as mentioned before, the shows are still written as if we're in the dark as to what's going to happen. They TRY to build suspense, but it's a wasted effort, since we already know. I'm glad Frank is putting a plug on the leaks. I wish the other shows would follow suit. I'm not looking to find out who shot Stefano on Days in advance, but I know I'll hear it well before it airs regardless. So it's kind of hard to care.

  13. Don't really like spoilers. Read them and get excited to see it played out only to find out, it was rumor!! A spoiler said Jason would rush in and be with Sam when she had her daughter!! Well John McBain was with her and delivered her SON!!!!!
    The baby switch thing did happen. It's more exciting when you get a little preview on TV rather than a spoiler reveal

  14. If I remember right the details on how Sheila/Lauren's 1st faceoff in L.A ends was kept a secret.

  15. I love the spoilers and don't like surprises. I need to know if it is a waste of my time to watch people I don't like. As of now I dvr the show but don't watch unless I have heard something good because lately the show has been not worth it.


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