REVIEW: OUT WITH DAD's Father/Daughter Relationship Entertains, Educates, Role-Models

Web Series: OUT WITH DAD

For fans of...: SWITCHED AT BIRTH; ANYONE BUT ME; It Gets Better Project

What it is: Poignant father/daughter relationship is challenged by sexual coming-of-age.

What's good: It's sweet, sincere, and relate-able. Fun, unexpected special effects heighten drama and develop characters.

What's great: Instead of being another coming-out story, it's really all about the very real interactions and psychodrama between father and daughter. The showrunner is a heterosexual father, lending a unique sincerity and point of view.

What could be better: When viewed in comparison to Indie Soaps with daring, unusual premises, big stars, or big budgets, it seems a bit “mom and pop.” Admittedly, the realness does lend something to the appeal.

Addictive like...: Your first kiss.

Grade: B+

Review based on: Season 1; Season 2 Episode 1

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  1. I have never watched a web series before,but, Out With Dad might be my first one. "Realness" does have appeal because people can gain insight into their own relationships. Thanks for keeping your readers informed.


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