Thursday, July 14, 2011

WATCH: Tonja Walker Guest Stars on THE BAY's "Far From The Bay"

The journey of Pete Garrett continues on this week's episode of THE BAY. On the latest "Far From The Bay" installment, Pete encounters a mystery lady played by veteran daytime actress Tonja Walker.

As we hinted on Tuesday, if you were a fan of GENERAL HOSPITAL in the late 1980s or ONE LIFE TO LIVE in the early 1990s you may get a kick out of this webisode.

Former ONE LIFE TO LIVE actor Brian Tarantina also appears. You'll also notice that Walker's character is reading a copy of Empire, the tabloid newspaper run by the Haven family on EMPIRE The Series.

Watch what happens to Pete below.


  1. Great episode! Nice shout out to all of us GH and OLTL fans! I continue to enjoy these eppy's and look forward to the second season of The Bay!

  2. Ah I really liked this! Mystery Lady's soo on the prowl here ;) uh oh Peter..

    and we're getting so close to finding his mother. very excited!

  3. Love the shout out to Empire.