Can you name everyone in this classic SEARCH FOR TOMORROW photo?


  1. Courtney Sherman Simon, Peter Simon, Val Dufour, Ann Williams, Mary Stuart, Millie Taggert, and I can't name the one next to her, behind Mary Stuart

  2. It's a sign of old age when you remember this photo & the SFT T-shirts they are wearing.

    John Cunningham is the gentleman rweil could not remember.

    Thanks once again for the memories!

  3. That was my favorite of all the SFT logos! Of course, when I worked on the show we all got matching cast & crew jackets with the 1986 jazzy style. I still have it in the closet...couldn't ever bear to part with it! Was always so proud to wear that around NYC (it looked really snazzy with my mullet). LOL!

  4. Yeah, these characters were the core of the show in the mid-70s. This shot is probably just before the Steve and Liza storyline took off and the youth craze of the 70s took hold. Sadly, within about five years, four of these seven were no longer on the show, their characters killed off for being too old. At the time I was a bit surprised that Mary Stuart was able to keep her job to the end.

  5. Ann Williams is MY MOM! this photo brings back SOOO many memories. Val was mom's husband on Search and John Cunningham was her husband on Loving YEARS later. If you are a fan of hers, check out, our love letter to her. Sincerely, Liz Welch


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