Aiden Turner Out at ALL MY CHILDREN has confirmed that actor Aiden Turner was given notice today that his character, Aidan Devane, will not be written past his current contract. ABC made an official statement on the matter.

Mr. Turner’s departure is storyline dictated. Given AMC's upcoming move to Los Angeles, we wanted to give Mr. Turner advance notice so he could plan accordingly. Mr. Turner is a talented actor and we wish him well.


  1. That sucks Aiden's hot both the character and the actor I think he just never got a chance AMC is to addicted to Ryan, Zach and the occasional JR or Jake, throw in David and Adam and they simply didnt feel like writing for Aiden. Since he's Anna's nephew (or is it cousin?) could he go to GH perhaps? Oh heck I just want to see him on my screen whenever wherever.

  2. Aiden is a hottie!

    but i cant say im surprised he's out. they've paired him with everyone from Mia Saunders to Greenlee and nothing has ever worked out for Mr. Devane.

    i hope he goes on to another soap like Bold & Beautiful so that he can be shirtless like Owen.

  3. One down, a few to go. Please please please Aiden take Randi, Colby, Fake Liza, and Ryan with you. Just let us keep Opal. She's one of the few who give the show heart and distinguish it from all the others.

  4. Wow, that's too bad. I like the actor and the character. I would love if Aiden would go visit his cousin Robin on GH! He'd be a great addition to the PCPD working with Mac and Lucky...and I'd love for Patrick to become friends with his cousin-in-law!

  5. Yes, it's a sad day. I've always LOVED Aidan. He was a great asset to the show. He just never really got the opportunity to be a lead character on the show. Oh well. AMC's loss is someone else's gain. We'll miss you Aidan! Good luck in your future endeavors.


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