Tuesday, June 18, 2019

'General Hospital' Stars Team Up with Rollman Foundation to Battle Ovarian Cancer

A group of stars from General Hospital is heading for Philadelphia in September as part of two Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month events from the Sandy Rollman Foundation, a force for education, support, and resources in the fight against the disease.

Actors William Devry (Julian), Tamara Braun (Kim), Donnell Turner (Curtis), Eden McCoy (Josslyn) and Wes Ramsey (Peter) will be headlining two events on September 14: An evening at the Helium Club with the cast, with Q&A, autographs, and photos and a private dinner afterward. The Sandy Rollman Foundation will also present a research grant during the Helium Club show.

Emmy-nominated McCoy can’t wait to get there.

"Our GH fanbase is made up of the most loving, passionate, and dedicated people," she says. "I can’t wait to meet the ones coming out to support funding for this foundation. We’re going to have a great time!"

McCoy, who just turned 16, is keenly aware of the connection and impact between ovarian and breast cancer, and the importance of preventive care; her own family has been affected by the disease, and she credits her mother with educating her about being proactive.

“In my family we have a strong history of breast cancer, and as soon as I am old enough I’ll be getting regular screening mammograms,” she explains. “My mom gets one every six months, and cancer is something we talk about as a family and worry about just like everyone else. Cancer treats everyone the same - it affects all women equally and doesn't care if we are rich or poor, famous or not.”

It was co-star and Rollman Foundation Ambassador William DeVry’s dedication to the foundation that piqued her interest and desire to become involved.

“He’s a great activist, and he’s super supportive in raising ovarian cancer awareness. It’s inspiring to watch his commitment.”

She’s looking forward to participating, noting that ovarian cancer is the most deadly of gynecological cancers, and early detection is key.

“As a woman, I am at risk,” she says simply.

Fellow cast member Wes Ramsey is “thrilled to be included” in the event alongside his coworkers, as he recognizes its importance in generating awareness and support.

"It will be a special night for everyone, but especially for those who've suffered from ovarian cancer or known someone close to you who has," he says. "We all look forward to honoring these brave souls and their families,” he says. “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there and helping raise both money and awareness for this cause."

The Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation (SROCF) is a non-profit organization created in memory of Sandy Rollman, who passed in 2000. Their objective is supporting and advocating cancer warriors and achieving “a world without ovarian cancer”.

“It is in Sandy’s memory and the memory of all women who have succumbed to this insidious disease that we have dedicated our efforts to help conquer ovarian cancer,” reads their mission statement. Reflecting its namesake’s fighting spirit, it adds, “It would have been a mistake for us to just give up.”

“The SROCF doesn’t want any woman to feel alone in the battle with ovarian cancer; they work hard to provide information to help us navigate and inform us, and give us the hope we need to beat it,” McCoy says. “The more information about it that is out there, maybe it can become a little less scary. Everyone says knowledge is power – because it’s true.”

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