Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cynthia Watros Joins 'Misguided,' Now a Drama Series

Cynthia Watros and Paul Gosselin
Season 3 of indie series Misguided will release the first episode of Season 3 on Monday, May 27. Episode 11, titled "The Reboot," kicks off the theme of rebooting the series from comedy to drama, and has updated its opening sequences as part of the shift. Viewers will be treated to a fresh, new opening that includes past scenes from the first two seasons and a few hints as to what's to come in Season Three. One of those hints includes the appearance of Emmy and Indie Series Award winning actress Cynthia Watros.

Watros memorable played Annie Dutton on Guiding Light before moving to primtime to star in numerous series, include Lost. She took a hilarious turn with her comedy series, Cynthia Watros Gets Lost, and was recently cast to play Nina in General Hospital.

"I used to write fan fiction about Annie Dutton and her long lost brother Adam, which I would have obviously portrayed if the character existed," said Misguided producer and star Paul Gosselin. "Every scene she was in on Guiding Light was a masterclass in acting, so when she agreed to be a part of Misguided I was literally brought to tears with excitement. I was brought to tears again when she
walked on set. She gave me such a warm hug and it all felt so right. It was an honor to have her as part of the show this season."

Watros will be playing Anne, a waitress, at The Lighthouse Restaurant & Lounge. Fans of Guiding Light will enjoy her homage to the character she once portrayed in Springfield, while fans of Misguided will see a
waitress who is unlike anyone they have ever come upon before. Are Anne's intentions pure or is there something wicked coming on the horizon?

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