Monday, May 27, 2019

'General Hospital' Spoilers (May 27-31, 2019)

What's happening on General Hospital this week? Check out the day-to-day spoilers below to find out.

Monday, May 27
Repeat episode from April 2, 2019 (The reading of Gail Baldwin's will): Scott receives a heartfelt message; Franco is curious; Bobbie and Felicia hug; Epiphany interrupts; Monica is called back to work.

Tuesday, May 28
Ava bides her time; Monica gives Drew her blessing; Curtis stays by Jordan's side; Neil makes a house call; Alexis puts two and two together.

Wednesday, May 29
Shiloh plays both sides; Kristina pleads her case; Nina and Sasha enjoy a mother-daughter lunch; Carly is proud of Michael; Lulu seeks Maxie's advice.

Thursday, May 30
Willow has Lulu's support; Julian suggests Sam would be a better bet; Franco is confrontational; Nina is met with a rude awakening; Anna is creeped out.

Friday, May31
Sam propositions Jason; Scott gives Ava the support she needs; Margaux is torn; Curtis looks to Laura for help; Anna is bent on confronting Alex.

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