Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mia St. John to Appear on Friday's 'Dr. Oz' to Discuss Kristoff's Final Days (Preview)

On the Friday, February 22 episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Mia St. John discusses her ex-husband, Kristoff St. John's mental health, as well as their son. They also dive into Kristoff's insecurities off camera and Mia's struggles with staying sober. Kristoff St. John played Neil Winters on The Young and the Restless for 28 years until his death on February 3.

Dr. Oz and Mia St. John discuss Kristoff’s Insecurity Off Camera

Dr. Oz asks: “How are you doing?”

Mia St. John responds: “Struggling. You know, I never recovered, really recovered, from the death of our son, and neither did Kristoff. And now, the death of Kristoff, it’s just, it’s a lot. It’s a lot, but you know, I know there are so many people that are counting on me. The kids that I work with now, and my daughter, and just for Kristoff and Julian to know that I’m still here fighting, and I’m going to continue to fight.”

Dr. Oz replies: “So let’s talk a little bit about Kristoff. He was charismatic, strong, self-confident. I could use so many adjectives, masculine adjectives and that confidence wasn’t there, I understand, off camera quite as much.”

Mia St. John answers: “No. Kristoff was, he always appeared to me and a lot of people to be probably the most confident person I’ve ever met. But, at home, personally, you know, with his family, he was actually very insecure.”

Dr. Oz and Mia St. John talk about Kristoff St. John and Julian St. John’s Struggles With Mental Health

Dr. Oz asks: “So just to get on the same page, you’re a world champion boxer.”

Mia St. John replies: “Yeah.”

Dr. Oz continues: “Accomplished to your own right, you’re married to a man who’s powerful onstage but lonely and insecure at home.”

Mia St. John confirms: “Yeah.”

Dr. Oz says: “Julian, your son, has mental health issues.”

Mia St. John replies: “He had schizophrenia and Kristoff had bipolar.”

Dr. Oz asks: “And your son took his life four years ago?”

Mia St. John replies: “Yes, in a mental health facility.”

Dr. Oz asks: “In the facility. How did Kristoff deal with that?”

Mia St. John replies: “It was our biggest nightmare. And he never, ever could recover from the guilt. He felt guilty, he felt responsible. Even though the facility was found guilty of neglect and falsifying records. And I kept trying to tell him over and over again that it was not his fault.”

Dr. Oz and Mia St. John Discuss Her Fight to Stay Sober

Dr. Oz asks: “Alcohol can kill you, other things can as well. What do you think really happened to Kristoff?”

Mia St. John replies: “You know, I wanna believe that it was an alcohol accidental overdose.”

Dr. Oz asks: “Have you been able to stay sober?”

Mia St. John responds: “You know, actually no, I lost my 30 years.”

Dr. Oz comments: “It’s all right. It’s all right.”

Mia St. John replies: “But you know what? I am not giving up. You know, so I start over again. I pick myself back up and I’m going to continue my path for better mental health in this country. I’m going to continue to fight for it. It’s my biggest fight now.”

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