Saturday, December 22, 2018

Interview Archive: Elizabeth Hubbard

Happy 85th birthday to the legendary Emmy-winning actress Elizabeth Hubbard!

We Love Soaps TV traveled to the As the World Turns studio in Brooklyn on the second to last day of shooting in June 2010 to speak with Hubbard about her storied career. Watch the interview below.

Serial Scoop Now was on hand at the Weight premiere party and spoke with Hubbard, Martha Byrne, Michael Park and more. We watched an old scene from The Doctors that night with Hubbard which was very special. Watch the premiere party interviews below.


  1. What do we have to get AS THE WORLD TURNS BACK ON THE AIR????????

  2. What does the public have to do to get As The World Turns back on the Air??

  3. Thanks again for posting these wonderful interviews, Roger! :-) I Love Liz! :-)

  4. Awesome interview! Is there anymore to it?? Seemed like she was still talking!!

    Getting Oprah to pick up ATWT on OWN! Click this link:

    Also check out the Campaign Proposal to save and bring back ATWT:
    Many actors behind the scenes are serious about supporting this Proposal.

    Also, check out a Rally to protest the ending:!/group.php?gid=118422788187977

  5. I have watched ATWT since high school... 25 years... used to schedual my college classes around the show as well... it's so weird that it won't be on at 11am mountain time anymore... even if it was just background noise as I clean and picked up around the house. I will miss the goings on of Oakdale, Ill. I started crying when I heard it was being "retired" for a talk show coming later this fall... Heck I grew up w/ Holden, Lily, Jack, Carly, Margo, and Tom... I remember them all in their younger days goodness it is a very sad day to say good bye!!

  6. I already miss ATWT terribly. EH is right, it's more than a fix, it's a connection, it's the actors and characters who are the company we wish we could keep. I would love to see EH's idea relating to Hildegard of Bingen come to fruition, or to see her do a remake of Gloria. She has incredible taste, and I could really just listen to the sound of her voice all day. EH's delivery is unparalleled, which is why her acting is always so much fun to watch.