Saturday, December 15, 2018

'General Hospital' Spoilers (December 17-21, 2018)

What's happening on General Hospital during the week of December 17-21, 2018? Check out the day-to-day spoilers below to find out.

Monday, December 17
Carly steps in to help; Sam is anxious; Jason offers his support.

In the sneak peek video below, Jason and Sam spend time together, taking Danny to donate toys.

Tuesday, December 18
Carly is worried; Margaux gets a lead; Lulu pumps Chase for information.

Wednesday, December 19
Carly vents to Jason; Elizabeth is furious; Nina is shocked.

Thursday, December 20
Sonny and Carly are at odds; Sam gets a troubling message; Chase tries to get closer to Willow.

Friday, December 21
Aiden is disappointed; Oscar makes a point to help others; Anna feels indebted to Maxie.

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