Thursday, October 18, 2018

Congressman Raul Ruiz Tosses "Bold and Beautiful Idea" at Challenger Kimberlin Brown Pelzer

Republican Kimberlin Brown Pelzer (The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless) came out swinging in the only televised debate with incumbent Democratic Congressman Raul Ruiz, co-hosted Tuesday night by NBC Palm Springs and The Desert Sun.

She accused Ruiz of using a "partisan playbook," calling him a D.C. insider with close ties to special interest groups. She repeated the message of her most recent television advertisement, calling Ruiz the “lap dog” of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Decrying today’s politics as “toxic,” Ruiz called for civility during the evening's debate. But after Brown Pelzer tried to paint him as a typical Democrat for his support of the Affordable Care Act, Ruiz wrapped his opposition to a single-payer health care system and his support for public-private health care partnerships in a reference to Brown Pelzer’s soap opera background.

“How about this bold and beautiful idea -- how about in the greatest country that this world has ever known that we ... take care of people who are sick and who are injured -- that nobody in America will go without care simply because they can't afford it," he said, taking a subtle jab at Brown Pelzer, who played a Nurse Sheila Carter on the CBS soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful.

Check out a recent profile on Brown Pelzer from NBC Palm Springs below.

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