Wednesday, June 27, 2018

'Indoor Boys' Season 2 Premieres, Luke and Nate Hilariously Take on New York City

Indie Series Award-winning comedy series Indoor Boys launched its second season on Monday with two uproarious new episodes.

In the premeire episode, "Jonesin,'" Nate (Alex Wyse, The Bold and the Beautiful) follows his best friend and former roommate, Luke (Wesley Taylor, Smash), to New York under the guise of a family reunion. Having previously shared a Los Angeles apartment, the guys consummated their relationship at the end of the first season. Five months later, both are dating other guys but their chemistry is undeniable.

Watch below as these homebody roommates take on New York City as they try to figure out the boundaries of their no-boundaries friendship.

The story continues in "All My Sons," which introduces Luke's boyfriend, Rusty (Kyle Harris). Meanwhile, Nate's mother, Ellen (Carolee Carmello), joyously embraces Luke, much to her own son's chagrin.

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