Friday, June 8, 2018

'Bold and Beautiful' Alum Rome Flynn Upped to 'How to Get Away with Murder' Series Regular

Former Bold and the Beautiful star Rome Flynn guest starred in the Season 4 finale of ABC's How to Get Away with Murder. He has officially been hired as a series regular for Season 5.

In his one and only scene so far, Gabriel showed up to Middleton College to sign up for law school on the same day as Frank (Charlie Weber). Upon seeing him, Frank immediately made a call saying, "Looks like the good times didn't last too long. Her kid's here."

Ultimately, that's not a whole lot to go on, which showrunner Pete Nowalk says is on purpose.

"He said, 'Her kid's here.' We really like to play with the pronouns here," Nowalk explains. "Obviously, Gabriel has a mother, and Frank knows of that mother or knows the mother. So that is a huge mystery, and we're going to be giving hints about it all next season."

As for when that mystery will ultimately unravel, Nowalk would only tease that it wouldn't be too long, but we should expect to get to know this character as a person a little bit before the show reveals his origins.

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