Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bravo to Air 'Days of our Lives' Repeats Starting March 5

Starting Monday, March 5, Bravo will air repeats of NBC soap opera Days of our Lives from 6-8 a.m. ET. Two episodes will air each weekday morning, starting from September 16, 2011.

Below are summaries from the first two Bravo episodes.

September 16, 2011
Bo, Hope and Rafe have made a positive ID on the DNA evidence collected from the pier: the hairs belong to Quinn Hudson. They do some detective work and learn about his prior arrests plus his connections to both Vivian and Taylor. Meanwhile, Gus has planted evidence sure to make them believe in Quinn's guilt, right in his closet. He narrowly escapes being discovered by Quinn. However, when he hears the police may be coming soon, he rushes back to be there when it all goes down. And it does, like clockwork: the police arrive with a warrant and begin their search. Gus does his best to make himself look like Quinn's ally throughout... and to subtly guide Bo, Hope and Rafe to look in Quinn's closet. They discover the bloody nightstick, and Quinn protests that he's never seen it before. Tell it to the judge, they say - as Quinn's escorted away for a crime he did not commit. Carly is visited by Jennifer and Daniel, and it's an especially hard visit for her because, as she confesses, her feelings for Daniel are still unresolved. She feels hypocritical apologizing to them as she continues to believe her feelings represent a betrayal of their friendship. Daniel and Jennifer work hard to make Carly understand that they know she can't just turn feelings on and off at will. Grateful, Carly embraces her friends, another important step in her recovery made. Nicole finds Brady at the hospital and makes a suggestion that might help Chloe. He is grateful. Then she suggests he take a break, and this time, he's amenable. But when they get to Chez Rouge, they find EJ there. When Brady's called away to talk to the hospital, EJ asks Nicole to dance and they do - a provocative tango that leaves them both breathless.

September 19, 2011
Quinn is arrested and brought into the station by Bo and Hope. He denies having anything to do with the attacks, but Bo and Hope tell him the evidence is ironclad. They intend to see if the blood on the nightstick found in his room matches any of the victims. Vivian, Taylor and Gus show up, and Vivian is apoplectic over her son's arrest. Bo and Hope have Rafe take Quinn away to be processed and booked, and Vivian vows to get him the best attorney possible. Meanwhile, Gus tries to convince his madame that the best thing for her to do is walk away. This doesn't sit well with Vivian. She doesn't understand why Gus can't be more supportive. At the same time, Bo and Hope consider Taylor's part in this. They've learned she was arrested with Quinn and is his "friend." Considering she works at the station, they have to wonder if she's been aiding and abetting the alleged attacker. During this, Vivian and Taylor talk, and Vivian learns about her arrest with Quinn. Vivian goes off on Taylor - calling her one of his whores. Taylor tries to defend herself, but Vivian doesn't back down. Bo and Hope ask Taylor if she helped Quinn by giving him information about the investigation. Taylor denies, but they tell her she's being held for questioning. At the same time, Vivian visits a caged Quinn. Quinn thinks someone was trying to set him up... unaware that someone is Gus. Abe fills Lexie and Justin in on Quinn's arrest. After Justin goes, Abe and Lexie discuss his reelection campaign. Abe hates how his job has kept him from his family, which is why Lexie surprises him, saying she's going to cut back her hours to help work on his campaign. Abe isn't sure about this, but Lexie's serious. She thinks the perfect time to announce his reelection bid will be during Bo and Hope's big party. Abe receives word that Taylor's involved with the attacker and is being held. Maggie and Adrienne help Sonny, Abigail, Chad, Will and Gabi rummage through the Kiriakis closets to find clothing that can be altered for Bo and Hope's party. The guys are distracted with some website issues, and Adrienne calls in Justin to help. Melanie learns Dario is leaving for Argentina tonight. He is so sorry, but Melanie is thankful for the time they have left. They go to see Rafe, so Dario can say goodbye to his brother; and then they head over to the Kiriakis mansion. Justin has offered to take care of Chad, Will and Sonny's legal issues, and the guys try on their suits, culminating in a fun fashion show with the guys and gals. The fun comes to an end when Melanie has to say goodbye to Dario. They share a parting kiss, and Melanie cries in Maggie's arms.

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