Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Thomas Ian Griffith & Mary Page Keller Drama 'The Dunnings' in Development at NBC

One of my favorite couples on classic NBC soap opera Another World was Catlin Ewing and Sally Frame, portrayed by Thomas Ian Griffith and Mary Page Keller in the mid-1980s. Griffith and Keller became a real-life couple as well, and are still together more than three decades later. Keller continued to act, mostly recently in Chasing Life, Pretty Little Liars and Bosch. Griffith has turned his attention became the camera, writing and producing episodes of Grimm. Griffith is now reuniting with Grimm executive producers Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner for another hourlong project at NBC. The network has put in development The Dunnings, a family dance-school drama Griffth and Keller, Universal Television and Hayes and Milliner's studio-based Hazy Mills.

Written by Griffith and Keller, The Dunnings revolves around a prominent Connecticut family. When the matriarch passes away, her youngest daughter returns home to take over the dance school that her mother ran for 40 years and, in doing so, embarks on a journey to redefine the American dream.

Hayes and Milliner will executive produce, while Griffith and Keller co-executive produce.

In the clip below, watch Catlin and Sally's Another World wedding, which aired April 8, 1985.

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