Sunday, May 7, 2017

Susan Lucci Featured in New Progressive Ad Campaign

All My Children legend Susan Lucci is once again bringing the drama, this time for a new national advertising campaign for Progressive insurance, titled "The Turns We Take."

The four-part soap-opera-esque series includes three 30-second spots with Lucci, each with alternate endings. In the ad, a fur coat-wearing woman storms into a lavish room and tells a cardigan-clad gentleman that she's leaving him. "You haven't noticed me in two years!" she cries. "I was in a coma," he laments. Longtime Progressive spokeswoman Flo pops into the frame to helpfully mention that the insurer's Snapshot reward program for good drivers is a great way to show appreciation.

Right on cue, Lucci descends a grand staircase with a heart-stopping declaration. In one spot, she, too, wakes from a coma! In another, she realizes she can walk again! In all three, she's dismissed by the dude. "Go back to your room, Susan Lucci," he snarls. In addition to the four initial TV spots, Progressive will run 15-second promo clips on social media.

The new campaign, which debuted May 1, is in keeping with Progressive's continued strategy of what Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Charney has dubbed "memory lane marketing." The new spots should appeal to consumers who remember watching Lucci in her 41-year run as Erica Kane, and cut through the clutter of the competition by tapping into that emotional beat.

"We created the world's shortest soap opera -- complete with everything that makes a good soap opera, like captured emotion and cliffhangers," said Charney. "With today's generation, short bursts of content is what they're used to seeing."

Watch the alternative endings featuring Lucci below.

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