Saturday, May 13, 2017

Constance Towers Returning to 'General Hospital'

The character of Helena Cassadine first appeared on General Hospital in 1981, played in a short guest-starring arc by the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. Dimitra Arliss briefly brought the character back in 1996, before Constance Towers joined the cast in 1997. Since then, Helena has defied death numerous times. Based on a new teaser released by the show, it's possible she may have again.

In the teaser below, the camera pans across the Cassadine Island set, then we see Towers, who says, "You know, Port Charles is a very mysterious place. You never know who’s gonna come on!" She then blows a kiss to the camera as it fades to the GH logo.

Watch below.

Does this means that Helena is actually alive? Or perhaps Towers returns for flashback scenes that will revealed what happened to Jake while she was there.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Constance Towers portrayal of Helena Cassadine makes you very loathe her character. Towers is awesome. She really gets into the role. I enjoy watching in suspense waiting for good guys to outwit her even while enjoying the struggle between her true evil acts and the good acts of the other characters who play off her. A character like her could easily come across like a cardboard two-dimensional-like figure. However, Towers seems to bring more evil each time she comes back. She is the quintessential evil queen and is abhorrent and yet she keeps viewers riveted.