Monday, December 19, 2016

Ilene Kristen: Claire Labine "Best Writer That I've Ever Worked With"

Roger Newcomb and Ilene Kristen
For two new episodes of entertainment web series Serial Scoop Now, I covered the red carpet for the Pride: The Series Season 2 premiere event on Saturday night in downtown New York City. Among those interviewed were creator Dorell Anthony (who plays Kai), Ilene Kristen (Eleanor), Lauren B. Martin (Tia), Jonathan Villanueva (Luis), Terissa Kelton (Riley), Ashley Mitchell (Trina), Aaron Mathias (Garrett), Scott Michael Salame (Owen), director Michael V. Pomarico, Adam Andrew Rios (Sheeneda/Adam), Braden Bradley (Travis), Tony D. Head (George) and Geri Reischl, who played Jan Brady in The Brady Bunch Variety Hour.

The iconic Ms. Kristen shared her appreciation for the creative side of working on independent productions.

"It's interesting to see people unleashing their creativity," she said.

Kristen also remembered legendary writer Claire Labine, who passed away earlier this year, and wrote years of memorable scripts for Kristen's Ryan's Hope character, Delia.

"Claire was the best writer that I've ever worked with," she explains. "When you got her scripts, you never wanted to change a line of them."

Six-time Emmy winning former All My Children director Michael V. Pomarico loved the freedom of being outside the studio.

"Coming from a structured show like that [All My Children] to have the freedom with this show was really, really wonderful," he explained.

When asked if there might be an All My Children 3.0 someday, he would only say, "I don't know. Maybe."

Watch the interviews below.

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