Friday, November 11, 2016

Laura Wright Takes 'General Hospital' Vacation

Laura Wright (via Instagram @welcometolaurasworld)
We haven't seen much of Carly's dazzling smile on ABC soap opera General Hospital lately. It looks like we may temporarily see even less.

Laura Wright, Carly Corinthos' portrayer, took to Instagram to alert fans to a change in her normally heavy taping schedule. She is taking "a couple weeks" off from life at the center of so very much Port Charles drama. She will be spending it with her children, daughter Lauren and son Jon. And her pet pup!

ABC has yet to release an official statement on Wright's very temporary departure. So, perhaps the intense storylines Carly finds herself in the thick of will remain unaffected by Wright's absence.

Both Carly and Wright could probably use some time to decompress after the acute, even gut-wrenching, emotion engulfing the Corinthos clan following Morgan's death. It can't be easy on an actress to give such powerhouse performances of a grieving mother day after day. Then there's the Nelle mystery. So far she seems like an innocent young woman out to be an asset to Carly. Viewers—and Bobbie!—know this not to be true, however.

Wright began her storied soap career over 20 years ago as Ally Rescott Bowman on Loving. She continued the role when Loving became The City. When the ABC canceled the latter, she moved on to play Cassie Layne Winslow on Guiding Light, for which gained great fan and critical acclaim. Next she brought her thespian talents to “General Hospital” as Carly Corinthos. She won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her work in this role. She also won a Soap Opera Digest Award for Favorite New Character when she began playing Cassie on GL.

Wright and her husband, John, an architect, announced their amicable divorce in April of this year. The two continue to co-parent their children.

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