Sunday, October 9, 2016

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers (October 10-14, 2016)

"Come on down!"
Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless during the week of October 10-14, 2016. George Gray from The Price is Right guest stars.

Monday, October 10
Jill cleans up Billy's mess; Hilary chases a hot story; Cane struggles with work and family.

Tuesday, October 11
Victor takes care of Adam's unfinished business; Chelsea confides in Nick; Billy and Bella meet.

Wednesday, October 12
Nick observes Sharon; Billy and Cane come to an agreement; Devon and Hilary have a disagreement.

Thursday, October 13
Jack starts a secret project; Mariah comes to the rescue; Paul visits Patty.

Friday, October 14
Ashley confronts Phylllis; Summer picks a side; Brash & Sassy's new product launch hits a roadblock.

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