Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sully Reveal Coming November 1st on 'The Young and the Restless' (Spoilers)

Sharon Case
It looks seven days from now will be a day fans of CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless will refer to in “pre and post” terms. Genoa City history will be divided into pre-November 1st and post-November 1st. That day the news of Sully MacAvoy's true paternity comes to light—and Genoa City will never be the same!

The news breaks in possibly the worst way, on GC Buzz, which Hilary is trying her best to turn back into an unscrupulous gossip rag, Sharon Case told Michael Logan of TV Insider.

“Oh, this mess is just beginning,” Case told Logan. Even after the truth comes out that Sully is Christian, the baby Nick thought he and Sage had and then suffered through the loss of, there is another heartbreaking layer to the story that viewers and a select for Genoa City residents know. Sully is actually Adam’s baby. When someone lets that bombshell drop, even more worlds stand to be rocked.

Case maintains that while Sharon has made this predicament worse than it had to be, she’s also a victim in it.

“No one in town wants to acknowledge that, for a long time, she really did think this baby was hers. She bonded with him. She loved him,” Case says. Add to that Sharon’s bi-polar illness and the Sully predicament becomes even more complicated and less easy to point fingers in.

Case says she understands when her many fans fret that she is often been written in a negative light lately, especially with the Sully situation. However, she says it may be one of the reasons she’s become a daytime staple, synonymous with the genre and its stories history.

“There’s no drama in always being happy and never doing wrong…If she [Sharon] were always the good girl, I wouldn’t still be here after 22 years,” Case said.

Akbi Khan has been a soap mega-fan for 31 years. She has been writing about them and working to save the soap genre for several years. Last May she got her Master’s in rhetoric and composition, for which she completed a thesis on the Save Our Soaps (SOS) movement and created her own SOS group, thistimeitsforever.org. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, activism for various progressive causes, traveling down her spiritual path, rollerskating, going dancing, anything having to do with language or words, and laughing heartily and often, and more. You may reach her at [email protected].

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