Saturday, October 1, 2016

'Days of our Lives' Spoilers (October 3-7, 2016)

John, Roman, Steve, JJ and Paul prepare to meet the convicts'
demands. © XJJohnson/
Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on NBC soap opera Days of our Lives during the week of October 3-7, 2016.

Monday, October 3
Reeling off the paternity results, Chloe tells Philip it's best they say goodbye; Hope worries about the reason Aiden wants to meet up; Kayla breaks down in Steve's arms over Joey's predicament; Nicole talks to Deimos about his behavior.

Tuesday, October 4
Andre pitches the idea to Chad of taking advantage of the Kiriakis blunder and moving in on their business; Deimos, Justin, Brady, Philip and Sonny deal with fallout from the attempted raid; Justin demands Adrienne move out of the DiMera mansion; Gabi helps a friend defend against looters.

Wednesday, October 5
Hope delivers upsetting news to Rafe; John, Marlena, Steve and Kayla try to come up with a way to take Orpheus down; Orpheus talks to Joey about his losses; Ciara and Claire are worried when they can't find Theo.

Thursday, October 6
Andre is curious about Aiden's victory; Marlena asks Kate to help with the profile on Clyde; Clyde shares with Orpheus his desire to make things up to his son; Ciara tells Jennifer her concerns about Theo.

Friday, October 7
John, Roman, Steve, J.J. and Paul plan to meet the convicts' demands; Orpheus, Clyde and Xander talk strategy; Ciara warns Theo not to get involved, but he's locked in on his mission; Nicole, Marlena and Victor talk about Xander.

- Soap of the Week Poll (September 26-30, 2016)

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