Thursday, August 25, 2016

'General Hospital' Star Emme Rylan Breaks Nose While Playing With Sons, Scheduled for Surgery Today

Fan fave and soap vet Emmy Rylan took to social media to announce a painful but temporary setback.

The talented actress broke her nose playing with her two sons.

Port Charles legacy character, Lulu Spencer, may have to alter her appearances on the ABC soap to allow Rylan to get the surgery and recuperation she says she needs.

On Tuesday, Rylan updated fans on Twitter: "Injury update- I have surgery Thursday morning but because of already scheduled dark weeks i will not be taking time off from work. :) #GH"

Lulu is in the thick of three juicy storylines right now. She’s trying to have a second child with her husband, Dante. Next she is attempting to decode the mysterious empty envelope with an mysterious address on it that Helena Cassadine left to her in her will. Finally, she is mourning the loss of her brother, Nikolas—whom she will soon find out is not dead at all!

Rylan has also played Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light and Abby Newman on The Young and the Restless.

Rylan took over the role of Lulu Spencer from Julie Marie Berman in 2013. Though Berman had played the role for years and become synonymous with it, Rylan has made it her own and entered the hearts of many GH fans.

“It was a really hard decision, but I couldn’t walk away from this,” Rylan said of exiting the role of Abby and stepping into that of Lulu in 2013 to Soap Opera Digest.

When Jill Farren Phelps joined The Young and the Restless as executive producer in 2012, the controversial EP let Rylan go in a “massive housecleaning effort,” wrote Soap Central.

In all her soap roles, Rylan has gained industry kudos and audience affection. Fans and critics alike lauded her recent portrayal of a betrayed wife in the marital woes that caused her temporary separation from husband Dante.

She and husband Don Money have two sons. Money once starred in We Love Soaps founder Roger Newcomb's radio soap opera, Rockland County. The actress hails form North Carolina.

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