Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Production Begins on Telemundo Novela 'La Fan'

Telemundo has kicked off productio on its latest telenovela, La Fan, starring Angelica Vale, Juan Pablo Espinosa, Ximena Duque, Jonathan Islas, Scarlet Ortiz and Gabriel Porras. Inspired on an original idea by Vale, La Fan was written by Marcela Citterio. Miguel Varoni, Claudio Callao and Otto Rodríguez co-direct, with Carmen Cecilia Urbaneja, José Gerardo Guillen and David Posada serving as executive producers.

La Fan is the story of a happy-go-lucky woman from a poor background who is a passionate fan of a famous telenovela actor until an unexpected twist of fate drives her headlong right into his life. Her idol may hardly notice at first, but by the time the story ends he won’t be able to imagine his life without her.

Angelica Vale plays the lead, returning to telenovelas after more than 10 years, taking on the role of Valentina Perez, a fun-loving extrovert. A dreamer, Valentina is a bit clumsy and cautious in pursuing her idol, Lucas Duarte (Juan Pablo Espinosa), a famous telenovela actor. Valentina knows full well that she is living in a fantasy and will never meet her heartthrob in real life, so she channels her energies into creating the Lucas Duarte Fan Club, whose members are known as “Las Lucalocas.”

In their first starring roles for Telemundo, Juan Pablo Espinosa and Scarlet Ortiz play Lucas Duarte and Salma Beltran, respectively. As the top telenovelas leading man, Lucas has everything a man could want: he is handsome, loves his job, earns a good living and is world famous, and his beautiful girlfriend makes him the envy of other men. As for Salma, she may play the good girl in the telenovelas – the sweet innocent who suffers for love – but in real life she is a villain. The public adores her, taking her at face value to be the adorable angel they see on screen. The real Salma, however, is a collection of undesirable character traits.

Co-starring in the production is Gabriel Porras as Gabriel Bustamante, the smart and likeable agent who manages Lucas’ career and becomes his best friend. Also starring is Ximena Duque as Adriana Zubizarreta, a young executive and Harvard graduate who is hardworking and intelligent, with a drive to succeed that makes her stand out from the pack. Adriana speaks five languages, has traveled the world, and is as charismatic as she is rational. Jonathan Islas rounds out the lead cast, playing Diego, a handsome and athletic young man with a good heart and noble character. Honest, sincere and direct, he is always ready to lend a helping hand.

La Fan also features a special appearance by veteran actor Miguel Varoni and a supporting cast that includes Omar Germenos, Gloria Peralta, Elsy Reyes, Gabriel Valenzuela, Maritza Bustamante, Pablo Azar, Gabriel Rossi, Begoña Narvaez, Ricardo Kleinbaum, Josette Vidal, Lorena De La Garza, Mario Espitia, Freddy Flores, Fernando Pacanins and Jorge Eduardo Garcia, Silvana Arias, Roberto Plantier, Carlos Gastelum, Adrián Escalona, Georgina Palacios, among others.

La Fan is an original Telemundo production filmed in Los Angeles and Miami.

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