Sunday, July 24, 2016

'General Hospital' Spoilers (July 25-29, 2016)

Kristina and Parker share a tender kiss.
Check out the day-to-day spoilers and a sneak peek video below to find out what's happening on ABC soap opera General Hospital during the week of July 25-29, 2016.


Monday, July 25
Chaos ensues when shots are fired; Sonny and Kristina have a heart-to-heart; Naomi is shocked to overhear a familiar name.

Tuesday, July 26
Parker writes Kristina a letter; Josslyn makes an emotional plea to Carly; Nina thwarts Julian's plan.

Wednesday, July 27
Sonny paints a grim picture of Julian's future; Lulu has a realization about her whereabouts; Maxie concocts a plan to humiliate Claudette.

Thursday, July 28
Sam and Jason make a dangerous discovery; Nina congratulates Maxie on a job well done; Nathan gives Claudette a ride.

Friday, July 29
Claudette's scheme appears to be working like a charm; Liz has misgivings about a promise made to Franco; Amy makes a horrific discovery.

In the sneak peek video below, Parker and Kristina deal with the repercussions of their night together. The two share a tender kiss… just as Sonny turns the corner and witnesses the intimate moment. Later, Kristina goes back into the room - and is shocked when Sonny knocks on the door.

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