Saturday, November 28, 2015

NEWS: Pierson Fodé, Van Hansis, Karla Mosley, Emma Samms, Scott Turner Schofield, Michael Weatherly

Pierson Fodé and Francesca Eastwood
Francesca Eastwood enjoys horseback riding with newly single Bold and the Beautiful star Pierson Fodé
Eastwood was spotted horseback riding in Los Angeles on Friday with Fodé, who plays Thomas Forrester on B&B. Fodé recently split with longtime girlfriend Victoria Justice.

"They've been on a break for a couple of months. They are hoping to work things out and still care for each other a lot," a source told Just Jared. Fodé and Justice met in 2013 while shooting the film Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List.

Scott Turner Schofield seeing the impact of The Bold and the Beautiful's transgender storyline
"A transgender woman of color stopped me outside of a clinic," Schofield told Gay Star News, "she recognized me and said, 'I’ve been watching your story line. It’s keeping me coming back here every day to get my treatments. It means so much to me and thank you so much for being a part of that.'"

"This is a woman who is experiencing poverty and all this tough stuff, she gets to see herself reflected in the glamour of a soap opera and that that really helps her through her day. Hearing that means everything and it doesn’t matter that there are some people who don’t want to see that kind of storyline."

Karla Mosley and Piolo Pascual
Bold and the Beautiful star Karla Mosley presents at the 43rd International Emmy Awards
Award-winning Filipino actor Piolo Pascual presented the award for Best Telenovela on November 23 alongside Mosley, who plays Maya Avant Forrester on B&B. Brazilian novela Império took home the Emmy.

As the World Turns alum Van Hansis reflects on not coming out, previews upcoming roles
"When I first started with the show (ATWT) it was my first job," explained Hansis (Luke Snyder) in an interview with the Windy City Times. "I was scared and very young. I wasn't actively hiding it, but also I didn't want that to define me and I still don't because I think there are a lot more interesting aspects to my personality than the fact that I am gay. Hindsight is 20/20 and it wouldn't have been a big deal if I had come out when I was kid. What was scary is that I did an interview for Out Magazine before it aired on the show so I had no idea what was happening. I told them I was straight and knew it was a lie. I got trapped in that lie. I regret doing that, but it was the only time I was flat-out asked."

Hansis stars as Dusty in a new film, Kiss Me, Kill Me.

"He starts the film as a kept man," Hansis reveals. "He has a long-term relationship and he is in love. He is proposed to at a party and things go sour pretty quickly. That night his fiance is found murdered. Dusty blacked out and doesn't know what happened. He may even be the killer!"

Former Dynasty star Emma Samms loved her primetime soap role, but doesn't miss living in Los Angeles
"It was enormous fun, it was hard work in as much as I had to actually be at work at 5.30 in the morning, which is early, especially as I had a half-hour drive," Samms explained to the Gloucestershire Echo, "so I'd leave the house at 5am, that's pretty drastic!"

"And it means that of an evening you're not going to be, well you shouldn't be, out on the town. You should be learning your lines for the next day and then trying to get to bed early, so I certainly didn't have this wild party lifestyle; I certainly didn't have a Carrington lifestyle! But it was enormously good fun and of course, easy compared to most other jobs, it was fantastic, I was very lucky."

Samms is venturing into new areas these days.

"I'm moving into writing and directing. I've always written, the first screenplay that I wrote and was made was 17-18 years ago, so I've always done that, but it's only recently I've been directing. I've done a short film which I wrote and directed, we're just starting to enter it into festivals now so fingers crossed. I'm currently working on an adaptation of a play into a screenplay (which is proving very tricky) for a feature film, which I hope to direct."

Loving alum Michael Weatherly charged with a DUI
According to TMZ, the NCIS star was stopped for speeding earlier this month in Hollywood and officers determined his blood alcohol content was above the legal limit.

EastEnders character to be killed off in 'tear-jerker' plot
[SPOILER ALERT!] Last month it was announced that Derek Martin would reprise his role as lovable cabbie Charlie Slater in EastEnders, but unfortunately he won't be sticking around for long. The legendary 82-year-old actor will make his Albert Square comeback next year, before swiftly being killed off for good.

According to the Mirror, Charlie will meet his untimely demise in a dramatic "tear-jerker" storyline in January that will no doubt rock the East End. Charlie's daughter Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) – who is also returning to Walford with husband Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) – is going to be left heartbroken after his shock passing.

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