Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jason Thompson Tapes Final 'General Hospital' Episode: "A Long, Emotional, Exhausting, Thrilling at times Overwhelming Day"

Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson shot his final General Hospital scenes as Dr. Patrick Drake on Friday. The five-time Emmy nominated actor joined the ABC soap opera 10 years ago.

Thompson reflected in an Instagram posting on Saturday.

"Yesterday morning. Nov 20th. 5:55 am. It was my birthday and also my last day of playing Patrick Drake on GH after 10 years, "Thompson wrote. "It was a long, emotional, exhausting, thrilling at times overwhelming day, and I am so grateful for every one of those moments. Change can be exciting and scary all at once. Shake it up..see what comes out. Thank you for the Birthday wishes. Thank you for the well wishes. See you soon."


  1. Man, it was a pleasure meeting you in Chicago at Borders years ago. I hit you on the arm thinking I knew you for a split second we laughed, we shared our dimples in common. You will be missed.