Julianne Moore, John Stamos, James Corden Act Out Soap Opera on 'The Late Late Show' Using Taylor Swift Lyrics

On Monday night's episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden featured a soap opera sketch with Corden, Julianne Moore (ex-Frannie/Sabrina, As the World Turns) and John Stamos (ex-Blackie, General Hospital) that used Taylor Swift song lyrics to play out a breakup.

The bit found Corden and Moore starring in in The Bold and the Lyrical as "James Cordone" and "Juliette Moore," two young, reckless lovers who take things way too far. The scene opens when Corden saunters home one night with a weak explanation for his whereabouts: "I've been cruising. Can't stop, won't stop moving."

John Stamos played "John Stamosa," who was "feeling 22."

Watch The Bold and the Lyrical below:

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