Thursday, September 24, 2015

Patrick Drake Sings "Sailor Short on Wind" on 'General Hospital (Video)

Jason Thompson stars as Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital.
Dr. Patrick Drake played guitar and sang "Sailor Short on Wind" on the September 23 episode of ABC soap opera General Hospital. The song was written and performed by actor Jason Thompson, who has

"Sailor Short on Wind"

I feel like a sailor
Short on wind
Praying for a push
From my weather kin

But the wave you gave
Left me further from your shore
I guess that's why they say
Be careful what you wish for

It's hard to move on
When the ghosts still remain
Boxed away letters
And their picture frames
They don't live here anymore
Be careful what you wish for

I can't tell what hurts first
The regret of my question
Or the truth in your words

Love has shown me
There's always an open door.

So be careful what you wish for

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