Monday, October 19, 2015

'Days of our Lives' Stars Deidre Hall & Lauren Koslow Visit KTLA 'Morning News' (Video)

Days of our Lives stars Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) and Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) appeared on KTLA Morning News on Monday to promote the show's 50th anniversary and the new photo book out October 27. They talked about the secret to the show's longevity.

"I'm find of saying we do a lot of things really well, and right, and we've cracked the code on it," Hall said. "And we have the greatest fans in the world."

"When you start looking at these pictures, the characters all have been awesome," added Koslow.

Watch the segment below:


  1. "No show has been on the air for 50 years." ?????????????????????????
    GH is complete shit, but it's been on for more then 50. How long was GL on before it was cancelled? ATWT? How could DH agree with that statement?

    1. I have a feeling she knew they had a couple of minutes and it wasn't worth the limited time to correct him. From what I've seen the book looks beautiful. I hope we see more of the older images/clips on the actual show as well.

    2. I have no idea I don't live in her head, but seems odd to just go along with a factual inaccuracy, but then again just turn on any TV news show and you'll hear it all the time.

    3. In their defense, the context from the beginning was "the longest-running NBC show." That was stated as a qualifier.

      GH is ABC, and soaps like GL and ATWT were CBS.

    4. Um NO! Actually here's how it goes...and since there's a clip anyone can watch/listen and see that you're wrong.
      At 34 second mark: Newsguy: "No show has a 50 year anniversary."
      DH: "It's true, they don't.."

  2. Dee and Lauren act like they really like each other. I watch videos like this to see the cast interaction more than anything.

    I took the announcers 50 year comment as "it's extremely rare" and not as him saying it's never happened ever before, but its entirely possible he actually doesn't realize how long GL, ATWT and GH were on. Meet the Press started in 1947 and I'd like to think he's heard of that one. :)