Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Alison Sweeney: "Don’t Worry… Sami’s Coming" on 'Days of our Lives'

Alison Sweeney
Alison Sweeney opened up about her return to Days of our Lives as Sami Brady in new interview with toofab.

"It was heartbreaking," Sweeney reveals. "It was really really an emotional roller coaster. I was so happy to be there and see all of my friends and the crew that I’ve worked with since I was 16 years old, but it was all out on the surface playing out Will’s death… that was really hard for me."

Sweeney admits she truly missed her Days family.

"I missed my friends," she says. "I've known these people that work on the show since I was a kid. It was hard to be away because once you have a different plan, you have different schedules, but it was really fun to be together again."

Sweeney teased that the feisty side her fans know and love will pop up soon.

"Don’t worry… Sami’s coming," she says. "I saw that someone had on twitter ‘#HurricaneSami,’ and that is not an understatement."

Sweeney has enjoyed the new opportunities that have come along since leaving Days.

"I'm really enjoying this process and getting to be home with my kids more and challenging myself in new directions with making these movies and writing my novel which will be out next May," she gushes. "It's been really fun for me to explore these new things."

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