Saturday, September 5, 2015

Kathleen Gati and Kevin Spirtas Guest Star in This Week's Episode of 'Winterthorne'

Kathleen Gati guest stars as Valentina Winterthorne.
In the newly-released second episode of Michael Caruso's Winterthorne, General Hospital's Kathleen Gati guest stars as Valentina Winterthorne, the power hungry sister of Joanna (Linda Gray), who reveals a big family secret to her niece, Miranda (Martha Madison). Gati owns the screen from the moment she appears.

"Our candy is like a drug?" Miranda asks as Valentina explains.

"Not just any drug," Valentina says, "an untraceable drug that no agency on earth can regulate. It's all-natural poison."

When Miranda tries to kick her out, Valentina reveals that Miranda has been given powerful seeds that will save the Winterthorne family. Miranda doesn't believe her, which sets off a dangerous chain of events.

Later, Days of our Lives alum Kevin Spirtas makes his first appearance as Dominic Delacort, who has been charged by the Winterthorne women to train their husbands and future husbands in the art of making candy. The women may have the power on this show but Spirtas' Dominic steals the wardrobe spotlight.

A compelling script, beautiful scenery, gorgeous clothes and soap stars galore make for fun viewing on any screen. But beware of deadly licorice!

Watch this week's episode of the Gothic drama below:

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