Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peggy McCay Continues to Shine on 'Days of our Lives' and It's Time She Received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Daytime Emmys

Caroline (Peggy McCay) and Shawn (Frank Parker) Brady.
Sixty-four years ago this month, daytime soap opera Love of Life premiered on CBS, starring Peggy McCay as Vanessa Dale Sterling. McCay later appeared in other daily dramas, including The Young Marrieds and General Hospital, before originating the role of Caroline Brady on Days of our Lives in February 1983, a character she has played for the past 30 years.

McCay was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award earlier this year for her brilliant work during the Will and Sonny wedding episode, and continues to amaze as Caroline struggles with a neurodegenerative disease similar to Alzheimer's.

On Wednesday's episode, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) called Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) worried about the condition Caroline was in.

"It's not my time," Caroline told her late husband, Shawn, who appeared to her in a mirror at the old mansion. "My kids, they need me, they need me."

When Kayla arrived with Victor (John Aniston), Caroline broke her heart when she didn't recognize her daughter. All the actors involved in that sequence did a masterful job, including McCay.

There are many beloved performers from the past who have been overlooked for the Lifetime Achievement award by NATAS and the Daytime Emmys, and it's time to correct that, starting with McCay, who is still performing at the top of her game sixty-four years after her first daytime role.

Watch Thursday's episode of Days below:

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  1. AGREED! Caroline has always been a favorite...I still go back and watch the episode where Shawn dies during the 2008 Airplane crash and they bring his body in...if you want a good cry that is the scene. She is an iconic actress.

  2. I agree....time to give out some more Lifetime awards to soap people, past and present. I have a list....and the name Beverlee McKinsey is at the top.....

  3. Quite frankly where this lady is concerned, I just don't get it. She is stiff, boring and predictable. Paige's dead corpse acts better. First she was all debilitated with fake Alzheimer's and now she is psychic. Either story line fails because she conveys zero believability. She is no Beverlee McKinsey or Elizabeth Hubbard.