Saturday, September 5, 2015

Miriam Pultro Guest Stars in a Hilarious Episode of '#kateconwayisajerk'

Kate receives unwelcome news via in the latest episode
of #kateconwayisajerk.
Kate Conway is one of the most nominated actors in Indie Series Awards history for her work in the online drama Out With Dad, winning twice as best actress in a drama. She also has terrific comedy chops, which she shows off in her new web series, #kateconwayisajerk. In the show's brand new episode, Kate, who is playing an obnoxious version of herself, runs into Miriam Pultro, the Mythos star that bested her at the 4th Annual ISAs, and who just happens to be visiting Toronto.

Miriam doesn't even remember Kate, and Kate can't believe it. So when Miriam asks for directions, Kate sends her in the wrong direction to a bad part of town. Things don't go as planned, though, when Miriam ends up becoming an international hero.

Watch the episode ("Helping Miriam Pultro Around Toronto") below:

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