Wednesday, August 5, 2015

'The Young and the Restless' Stars Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott Talk "Niktor' in CBS Connect Chat

Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden
The Young and the Restlesss Stars Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott participated in a CBS Connect Chat on Tuesday, answering questions from fans via an #AskNiktor hashtag.

Both actors praised the writing team and show when asked what they would like to see in the future for the Newmans.

"I trust the writers," Braeden replied. "I think the writers have done a damn good job. Are there moments when you sort of slightly disagree? Sure. But I really think the show has been wonderful lately. I really mean that. So I trust the writers implicitly. There are moments when you call about something you don't particularly like but that happens very rarely. I just think the show is damn good right now."

"I agree," responded Thomas Scott, "and I don't even ask. I don't want to know what's coming."

There is one thing Thomas Scott would love to see if she could change one thing.

"I wish we had our old ranch back," she said. "I miss our old ranch very much."

"That is very true," agreed Braeden. "I never liked our new living room. Never. The ranch should be an expansive big joint."

"I actually cried the day that they burned it down, I was very upset," Thomas Scott added.

The actors also teased a very "memorable" scene between them that is coming up soon in which they drifted away from the script a bit.

"We fight very well," Braeden joked.

Watch the complete CBS Connect Chat below:

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  1. They both seem like nice people, but it felt, reading between the lines, it was like, "Look, it's a paycheck and we're really not thinking about anything else. Thanks for watching."