'Devious Maids' Season 3 Finale: A Killer Revealed, and an Epic Performance by Susan Lucci

"The thought of seeing your unwaxed lady parts gave me superhuman s
strength," Genevieve (Susan Lucci) tells Zoila.
In Monday night's season finale of Devious Maids, viewers finally found out who killed Blanca and Louie, Taylor's secret lover was revealed, Rosie found out what happened to Spence, and Susan Lucci gave one of the most memorable performances of the series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you have not yet watched.

As the episode opened, Zoila (Judy Reyes), Marisol (Ana Ortiz), and Rosie (Dania Ramírez) admit to Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) that they never really liked Sebastian (Gilles Marini), only to have Carmen announce that she and Sebastian have made up and are now engaged!

Michael (Brett Cullen) takes Katy (Grecia Merino) from Taylor (Brianna Brown) and refuses to let her see their "adopted" daughter. Taylor freaks out and lies to the cops that Michael killed Blanca and Louie Becker, leading the cops to arrest him. Marisol knows she's lying and finally gets Taylor to admit who her secret lover is, because that person is the real killer. Meanwhile, Carmen gets miffed when a yoga instructor shows up at Sebastian's place and starts snooping around. She finds her much-missed dress, the one Blanca was wearing the night she disappeared, just as Sebastian arrives home. She soon realizes Sebastian is the killer! Marisol tries to text her, tipping Sebastian off that he needs to silence her.

Meanwhile, Rosie finds out from Spence's neighbor (guest star Chrystee Pharris from Passions) that Spence (Grant Show) is in the hospital. She arrives to visit her badly-beaten ex only to find out he has amnesia and doesn't remember her! Ernesto (Cristián de la Fuente) tells Rosie he is going to back to Mexico to finish his "business" with the cartel, and he has an emotional goodbye with Miguel (Alejandro Vera). Near the end of the episode, Rosie returns to the hospital only to find Spence's ex-wife, Peri (Mariana Klaveno), is back and taking care of him. Peri has filled Spence in on everything, making him think they are still married and Rosie is still just their maid.

Elsewhere, Genevieve and Zoila go to couple's therapy, but Zoila refuses to go back after her former boss spends the hour flirting with the therapist. Eventually Zoila agrees to return for another session, but gets trapped in an elevator with Genevieve just as her water breaks. Superwoman Genevieve saves the day by prying the elevator door open with her blinged-out high heels, then climbing out through a small opening for help.

How did she do it, Zoila asks.

"The thought of seeing your unwaxed lady parts gave me superhuman strength," Genevieve replies, adding, "I've been dieting my whole life for this!"

The season finale was chocked full of terrific performances but none better than the legendary Susan Lucci who was, well, legendary in delivering one great line after another.

Things take a turn for the serious, though, during Zoila's delivery when complications arise. Genevieve is asked whether the doctors should save Zoila or the baby if they have to make a choice.

Later, Taylor and Katy leave town and change their names to start a new life.  Katy's new name is Rosie.

Finally, Sebastian takes Carmen to the Powells (of course) and holds Carmen, Marisol, Adrian (Tom Irwin) and Evelyn (the sublime Rebecca Wisocky) hostage. Evelyn had announced earlier that she wanted a divorce but Adrian refused to sign papers to sell the house, making it difficult to separate their assets and tying them together, and robbing Sebastian of a potential huge commission. Sebastian uses Adrian's sex toys to keep his hostages trapped, but Marisol uses a bobby pin to secret escape her handcuffs. Adrian calls Michael for cash, and Michael ends up getting shot dead by Sebastian after bringing the money. Just as Sebastian is about to escape, leaving everyone trapped in the Powell house with the gas turned on, Marisol knocks him out. The hostages make it outside but Adrian returns for a photo of them with their dead son, Barrett, only to be trapped inside, presumably, when the entire house blows up in flames as Evelyn screams his name.

Is Adrian dead? Will Spence remember Rosie? Did Zoila and her baby survive? And will Zoila forgive Genevieve if she chose her over the baby? The Devious Maids season finale left us with many questions, and a great setup for the future.

You can watch the entire episode at lifetime.com.

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