Tuesday, September 1, 2015

'Days of our Lives' Adds Vincent Irizarry to the Cast (Updated)

Vincent Irizarry will play Deimos on Days of our Lives
With the impending exit of quite a few actors, Days of our Lives is replenishing its cast with fresh young talent and multiple Emmy Award winners. On the heels of Emmy winners A Martinez and Jordi Vilasuso joining the cast comes word that Vincent Irizarry is the latest actor to come on board. Irizarry won his Daytime Emmy six years ago today, for his compelling portrayal of Dr. David Hayward on All My Children.

Irizarry's other soap roles include Lujack/Nick on Guiding Light, Scott on Santa Barbara, and David on The Young and the Restless.

Details about his new Days character have not yet been revealed. Stay tuned!

According to Days co-head writer Dena Higley, Irizarry will be playing "the younger brother of one of our regulars. He comes to town with only one thing on his mind... revenge."

Yahoo TV has revealed that Irizarry will play "a character with strong connections to the Kiriakis family." Could he be Titus Kiriakis, Xander's father? That seems like an odd choice since Xander and Titus were rewrites of Victor Kiriakis' family history by the previous writing team, but makes sense with the younger brother seeking revenge theme.

Irizarry tweeted his appreciation for the warm welcome by fans: "So happy 2 b apart of the 1derful DOOL team!!! Unending thanks 4 the warm welcome from so many of you!!! C u in Salem : )"

TV Line has revealed Irizarry will be playing Deimos, a new character who has strong ties to the Kiriakis family.

Meanwhile, Irizarry posted an update on his Facebook page: "Finally!!! I'm able to share with all of you what I've been excitedly holding in for over a month now, that I've joined all the incredibly talented people in Salem over at Days of our Lives!!! I honestly couldn't be happier to be working with such wonderfully gifted people, all of whom who have been so warm and welcoming. I'm equally thrilled to be playing a character I've already loved playing these past weeks, with scripts that have been so wonderful, I'm excited each time I open a new one to find out what the writers have in store for me next, and alongside actors I have so much respect for. What a true, absolute pleasure it's all been!!! Thank you so much, all of you, for your tireless support of me and my work throughout all these years together. I'm truly, truly touched by the overwhelming expressions of kind thoughts and well wishes by so many of you throughout all the social media outlets. As it has been throughout so many times in my life working on shows such as this, because of you all, my cup truly runneth over... Can't wait to see you all in Salem!!! ‪#‎DaysOfOurLives‬"


  1. Maybe Adrienne and him? I mean it was possible 20 years ago, albeit on a different soap (GL)

    1. I would LOVE that. Seems like Adrienne is busy with two guys already but a "Beth" and "Lujack" reunion would be amazing for me. He died way too soon on GL. I hope they at least share scenes together.

    2. Hey some people who watched Lujack and Beth on GL. That was during the time she also dated Phillip Spaulding played by Grant Alexander. I loved that triangle.

    3. Especially cause he is probably related to Justin. That would piss Justin off

  2. This is good news . I have always like his acting.

  3. He does revenge well at least he did on AMC. I can't wait to see him on Days.

  4. I almost forgot about Beth & Lujack. That would be great.

    His look would make him a natural to be a DiMera (Tony or Andre's son).

    I hope they use him well and do not turn this into a GH-style stunt cast.

  5. WOW! Good work, Days. I'm guessing he'll be another DiMera to take EJ's place as the conflicted good guy/bad boy.

  6. I guessed Jordi Vilasuso and I was right