Soap of the Week Poll Results (July 13-17, 2015)

Days of our Lives was voted favorite soap opera of the week.
The results are in from the We Love Soaps "Soap of the Week" poll for July 13-17, 2015. NBC's Days of our Lives was voted favorite soap opera by our readers for the 24th week in a row.

ABC's General Hospital was second followed by CBS' The Young and the Restless.

The Favorite Couple this week was Days of our Lives' John & Marlena. Days' Drake Hogestyn (John) and Days of our Lives' Deidre Hall (Marlena) repeated as Favorite Actor and Favorite Actress.

Check out the complete show ranking below as well as the favorite couples, actors and actresses.

1Days of our Lives (NBC)1275
2General Hospital (ABC)2195
3The Young and the Restless (CBS)3141
4The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)477

Days of our Lives' Drake Hogestyn (John Black) was voted Favorite Actor for the 18th week in a row.

1Drake Hogestyn (John), Days1132
2Guy Wilson (Will), Days215
Michael Easton (Silas), GH
4Freddie Smith (Sonn), Days357
5Christopher Sean (Paul), Days40
6Bryton James (Devon), Y&R516
7Billy Miller (Jake), GH814
8Billy Flynn (Chad), Days70
9Steve Burton (Dylan), Y&R90
10Jonathan Jackson (Lucky), GH-0

Days of our Lives' Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans) was voted Favorite Actress for the 21st consecutive week.

1Deidre Hall (Marlena), Days1138
2Kate Mansi (Abigail), Days25
3Arianne Zucker (Nicole), Days317
4Maura West (Denise/Ava), GH50
5Kelly Monaco (Sam), GH919
6Judi Evans (Adrienne), Days60
7Mishael Morgan (Hilary), Y&R422
8Sharon Case (Sharon), Y&R72
9Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), GH1021
10Laura Wright (Carly), GH-5

The Favorite Couple for the week was John & Marlena ("Jarlena") from Days of our Lives.

1John & Marlena, Days2141
2Paul & Sonny, Days15
3Will & Sonny, Days3111
4Silas & Sam, GH629
5Hilary & Devon, Y&R417
6Chad & Abby, Days70
7Sharon & Dylan, Y&R80
8Eric & Nicole, Days90
9Jake & Sam, GH-0
10Franco & Ava, GH100

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  1. People really want Chad and Abby together? I know it really seems that is where the writers are heading, but think it will be a big mistake. How will that turn out? Ben turns violent like his old man, Abby finds out about Stefano's plan with the land in Ireland, and she blames Chad...they break up. Predictable and boring. Hopefully the writers do not go that route.

    1. I think they have potential but do agree about the story being really predictable. Both Sony soaps are doing Who's The Daddy stories right now. Surely after 85 years of soaps on radio and TV there are a few new ideas to be had. I'm really curious to see what happens with this couple/triangle when the new writers' work kicks in.

    2. I am curious and trepidatiously (LOL!) looking forward to seeing what Higley and Griffith have in mind for the show. I would disagree that Billy Flynn and Kaye Mansi have chemistry. IMO Flynn is....uhhhh...not very entertaining shall we say? :)

    3. Actually tons of people, me included, want Chad and Abigail together and are thoroughly enjoying the story. Billy Flynn and Kate Mansi's chemistry is off the charts IMO. I'm a little puzzled at this question because Chad & Abigail have been on this chart for weeks now.

    4. I happen to like Billy Flynn and think he and Kate have tremendous sexual chemistry.

    5. Laura, you're puzzled that I have an opinion that differs from yours? I'm not in the least bit puzzled by the fact that other people have a different opinion then my own, but what puzzles me is why when some people realize that others have a different opinion then their own it makes them irate. If you want a broader explanation of my opinion here goes: when I saw that Disneyesque idea of sex and romance with Chad and Abby I first laughed and then yawned and eventually fast forwarded, and have continued to FF every time it has played. The little Disney Princess idea of sex and romance that that scene portrays is boring to me, but to each his own. I also think Billy Flynn is a terrible actor who should have stuck with waiting tables. Once again, my opinion, sorry you have a difficult time with the fact that people think differently then you, (yes I know the response "lots of people like Abby and Chad", it still doesn't change that I don't. I was never one for the mob mentality), but it happens.

    6. Whoa get a grip and don't get all nasty. Of course I do not mind that you have a different opinion. I was talking about your question asking if people really want Abby and Chad together. The answer is obviously yes, some people do since people are voting for them in this poll.

    7. I wasn't questioning the results of the poll, but expressing surprise that 1. people can not see the predictable (&IMO) boring road that this would take, and 2. yes surprise that people found them to have potential as something interesting to watch. I think reading through my first post I made that obvious. I then interpreted your response as being irate at the opinion I posted. Completely concede that a misunderstanding could have occurred, and my apologies if you felt "attacked", but that was how I was feeling, so I called on my powers of the art of the read to respond.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yes, people really want Chad & Abby together and I'm proud to be one of those people! Billy Flynn & Kate Mansi have such amazing chemistry. Can't wait to see what the new writers have in store for Chabby! :)

  3. Yay! Nice to see Jake(Jason) and Sam getting on the couples list! They are still wonderful together and I hope they get the happiness that they deserve very soon!