Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Michael Easton Leaving 'General Hospital' (Updated)

Michael Easton
Michael Easton may be out as Dr. Silas Clay on ABC soap opera General Hospital, according to Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens.

Easton joined GH in 2012 as John McBain, crossing over his One Life to Live character after ABC canceled the show. When Prospect Park was finally able to bring OLTL back into production in 2013, GH had to quickly write off the character, along with Roger Howarth's Todd and Kristen Alderson's Starr. GH continued to use all three actors but in totally different roles (Silas, Franco and Kiki). Alderson left GH earlier this year.

Soap Opera Digest recently mentioned that GH had a murder mystery in the works, and the victim was played by a soap hopping star who taped their final scenes in June. Will Silas be murdered?

Easton's departure from GH has now been confirmed.


  1. I wouldn't call Michael Easton a "soap-hopper" so I'm not convinced Dr. Silas will be the victim. But it would prevent him from exonerating Nina in Avery's kidnapping. I'll be disappointed if Easton leaves because there was such promise with his character and backstory with the mention of his difficult mother in one episode. DAYS should be scrambling to get him back as Tanner Scofield for a romance with Hope!

    1. Did u see the update? It says his departure has been confirmed.

    2. Its been 25 years or so since he was on Days in a crappy role. I would be stunned beyond belief if returned.

  2. Silas just wasn't the right character for Michael Easton and despite being frontburner for his first year, neither that or the character seemed to fit into the GH canvas. I will him the best of luck. I suspect his passions lie elsewhere.

  3. Sorry to hear this The character has so much potential , his encounters with Morgan , and Nina have been great to watch - I do feel the actor has been underused for a while though . I felt like he was originally brought on to try and revamp the super couple he had Kelly M had on Port Charles- I do hate when soaps try to do that with actors as different characters

  4. Soap hopper was just a reference to ME going from OLTL to GH

  5. Losing Easton and wasting the pairing of Sam and Silas is the biggest mistake GH has made in recent years, Such a shame!