TELENOVELA WATCH: 'Yo No Creo En Los Hombres' Premeires Tonight on Univision

Yo No Creo En Los Hombres premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Univision. Despite being another Televisa remake from a story by Caridad Bravo Adams dating from the middle of the last century, Yo No Creo En Los Hombres was the highest acclaimed Mexican telenovela of 2014 by Mexican critics, the winner of seven Premios TvyNovelas, and hailed as a return to form for producer Giselle González and writer Aída Guijardo (Para Volver a Amar, Alma De Hierro) following the misfire comedy Cachito de Cielo in 2012.

From the press materials: “Yo No Creo En Los Hombres is the award-winning tale of women who have lost all hope and trust in men. The pain and low self-esteem caused by members of the opposite sex leads these women to seek vengeance by any means possible. The story centers on a hardworking and beautiful young woman who suffers deeply at the hands of all the important male figures in her life and also at the hands of a malicious family that torments her.

María Dolores is a poor and noble girl who is unjustly fired from her job as a seamstress due to false accusations of theft from her supervisor. María faces pressure to care for her family after the tragic death of her father. María is wrongly suspected of murdering her own father and meets Maximiliano Bustamante, a handsome and honest lawyer, while at the police station. Maximiliano overhears her conversation and deeply impressed by her beauty and spirit, offers to help her.

Her relationship with the handsome lawyer is complicated because even though there is a deep attraction between them, both are involved with other people. He is engaged to Maleny, a high society, spoiled and capricious girl who doesn’t really love him and is cheating on him with her tennis instructor, Ari. María Dolores is dating Daniel Santibañez, an unscrupulous man who is lying to her since he is in fact engaged to Ivana, a young heiress who will help him avoid his family’s bankruptcy.”

Adriana Louvier plays María Dolores, her first protagonist role at Televisa following a pair of fine supporting performances in Quiero Amarte and Corona de Lágrimas and a long run at Azteca. Louvier was awarded the best actress prize for this performance at the Premios TvyNovelas earlier this year.

Gabriel Soto plays Maximiliano. US audiences last saw him as the lead of the very fine 2012 telenovela Un Refugio para el Amor. Flavio Medina (Quiero Amarte) plays Daniel, Sophie Alexander (Para Volver a Amar) plays Maleny, and Sonia Franco plays Ivana.

The excellent cast also includes Alejandro Camacho (Alma de Hierro), Azela Robinson (LLena de Amor), Rosa María Bianchi, Macaria (Por Siempre Mi Amor), Luz María Jerez (Quiero Amarte), Juan Carlos Colombo, Cecilia Toussaint, Estefanía Villarreal and Fabiola Guajardo (De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero).

Watch the English narrated and subtitled trailer below:

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