Monday, June 29, 2015

NEWS: Spencer Neville, Jessica Capshaw, BethAnn Bonner, Ysanne Churchman, Craig Brewer

Spencer Neville - Photo by Brad Everett Young
Spencer Neville on Derrick’s return to Days of our Lives: "I think the openness was also part of his backdoor tactics"
"I just wanted Derrick to be as authentic as possible and an open book for anyone that he ran into, whether it be a male or female, and then yeah, flirt if he wanted to flirt. I think the flirting with guys or girls was a manipulation tactic, getting what he wanted and getting information from people. I think the openness was also part of his backdoor tactics, no pun intended. [laughs]"

On being from Tennessee: "Nashville as a city is very entertainment-driven so it’s got a lot of diversity, kind of like Los Angeles. But I grew up about 30 miles East in between Mt. Juliet and Lebanon in a small town called Gladeville, Tennessee. And playing a gay character…growing up in the South there’s still a little bit of homophobia and stuff like that. I really was really grateful to find a place in Los Angeles with such diversity to expand my own experience of life."

The return of Grace Archer: Actress who voiced The Archers character who died in fire comes back to radio at the age of 90 to mark episode’s 60th anniversary
It was a plotline that shocked the United Kingdom in 1955, and jammed the BBC switchboard for 48 hours as fans complained about the death of Grace Archer (played by Ysanne Churchman). Now, 60 years after Grace died in a fire, Churchman, now 90 years old, is returning to radio. To mark the anniversary of the episode in September 1955, the BBC is producing Dead Girls Tell No Tales, a drama about the behind-the-scenes story.

Archers editor Sean O’Connor said: "This is a really special occasion for anyone who has ever been a listener to The Archers. We’re going to reminisce about the very beginnings of this extraordinary programme – but also unearth the mysteries that surrounded this landmark moment. I’m particularly thrilled to welcome back Ysanne Churchman who created an iconic character and was at the very heart of a genuinely game-changing moment in media history."

One Live to Live alum BethAnn Bonner is pregnant with twins
The actress, who played Talia on One Life to Live and appeared in Guiding Light and All MY Children, tweeted the news during Pride weekend: "On this magical, emotional weekend - it is my joyous privilege to tell ya'll: my wife & I are expecting TWINS! (I'm due in October!) #love"

Jessica Capshaw inks new three-year deal with Grey's Anatomy
The new pact puts Arizona at Grey Sloan Memorial until May 2018, although Grey's has technically only been renewed through the upcoming 2015-16 season.

NASCAR pacts with Mark Burnett, Roma Downey for scripted drama series
The plan is to craft a drama series that draws on stories of the drivers and teams in the nation’s most popular motor sports brand. NASCAR is known for the by-the-bootstraps stories of many of its star drivers.

Craig Brewer to direct Empire episode
In a reunion that seems both appropriate and inevitable, Memphis-based director Craig Brewer will rejoin his "Hustle & Flow" stars Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard as director of an episode of the hit Fox television drama.

PETA blasts CBS for using live animals in Zoo
"By producing a show that exploits wild animals, including lions," a rep for PETA said in a statement, "CBS has proved that it's out of sync with public opinion at a time when people are shunning SeaWorld's captive orca sideshows, states and counties are passing laws banning wild animal acts and private ownership, and Ringling Bros. is taking elephants off the road."

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