Saturday, June 20, 2015

'Another World' Stars Anna Stuart and Alice Barrett Mitchell Join Upcoming Janet Iacobuzio and Nelson Aspen Series

Anna Stuart (left) and Alice Barrett Mitchell (right) with Nelson Aspen.
Two more loved and missed sirens of the soap world are joining the cast of the new series coming from Janet Iacobuzio and Nelson Aspen: Alice Barrett Mitchell and Anna Stuart.

"I never got to work with these talented ladies during my stint at Another World, so we're making up for lost time," says Nelson. "I actually first fell for Anna when she was a temporary recast as Vanessa Chamberlain on Guiding Light, so that's how long I've been a fan!"

Janet agrees, "It's a dream come true to work with Anna and Alice again [after Another World]. What pros!" Alice just filmed an episode of Donny Deutsch's upcoming comedy series, Donny. Anna is practically a newlywed after marrying award winning actor James Cromwell in 2014.

They join an impressive cast of Daytime vets for this project, including Colleen Zenk, Anna Holbrook, Ryan Brown, David Forsyth, Marcia McCabe, Stephen Schnetzer and Denise Pence. Watch this space for all the latest news on this exciting venture.

Check out more pictures of Nelson with Anna and Alice below:


  1. Whoh, Nelson!

    I Want to See This. Thanks, Nelson!

    Brian :-)

  2. Is this an online series. If so what's the name of the series and where can I watch it?